GU Update WInter 2014 onwards

Post Sabbatical we now have a more fluid structure for meeting with a mixture of services, outreach, social events, bible study and visiting other churches. To find out what is going on for a particular week please drop a mail to: as we are not always at St Michaels.

This coming Sunday though (14th) will be our Christmas service, St Michaels at 4.30pm

G.U Summer Sabbatical


resting in god

Hello All,


As some of you may know, Glorious Undead will be taking a summer break returning September 7th. This is a planned event and something that we believe god has asked us to do.

So why are you taking a break?
“As leaders we are now on sabbatical until the end of August. Part of the ‘time off’ normal services is having the space to pray and ask God what He wants from us all as individuals and as a church and what our part is here.
GU leadership is comprised solely of volunteers who all hold full time jobs. Ministry is a stressful occupation and shouldn’t be  taken lightly. As leaders, they understand that without taking the time to rest and pray into the future, they will do a bad job leading the church.  As well as being a time of rest, the space provided also helps the leadership examine focus, evaluate and pray on what the next steps for GU will be.

Most importantly, they need space to make sure they are healthy and are not mentally, physically exhausted. Leaders in God’s church are required to take care of their home life as part of the job spec!”

Biblical basis for a sabbatical?

“Although there could be much to write about, although let it be said that the Sabbath is something that God requires for those that serve him, and is meant for the good of the people. Israel was required to take a whole year off to take a break every 7 years, and we still have Sundays off work now. Although many see lots of activity as holy, times of rest are well documented as a solemn and holy time.”

So what will happen over summer?
“Glorious Undead will be meeting over the summer – but in a more mobile and and ad hoc capacity.Although we will generally be skipping formal services, we are still a community, and we still care about each other.

This means that we will generally be meeting up for small groups and Sundays. At times we will be visiting other churches. Or perhaps we will be celebrating one thing or another with a picnic or a BBQ. Sometimes get together just to meet up and pray for each other.”


What do I need to do?
“Keep an eye on Facebook or your email.  We will be meeting, but it takes some initiative on everyone’s part to keep in contact. As friends we need to keep in contact with each other.  In addition, if you have any ideas of plans for the summer feel free!”
This is an exciting time in GU and we can’t wait to see what God has planned!


Glorious Undead

Destruction Fest 2014 – Bang you head for the homeless pt II

Glorious Undead is proud to present Destruction Fest 2014 – Bang you head for the homeless pt II.
2 meetings and a night of extreme metal! \m/

13-15 June 2014, Camden London.
Friday 13th 8pm – Meeting at St Michaels
Saturday 14th 7pm – Local homeless charity benefit show at the Black Heart
Sunday 15th 2pm – Service at St Michaels

Be there, meet some new people, catch up with old friends and have an amazing weekend while supporting a good local cause.

Dfest flyer 2014

Palm Sunday Procession – NO GU SERVICE

This Sunday (24th March) we’ll be joining with the other churches in Camden for the Palm Sunday Walk, starting in Oakley Square, Mornington Crescent at 4pm and ending at St Michaels with a service. See you there!

For Easter Sunday (31st March) we’re back in St Michaels at 4.30 :)